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Directed by Ben Gansky, Veronica Moonhill, Nat Moonhill

Cast: Colleen Pulawski, Amanda Jerry, Robert Hope

With the help of an experimental technology, a young woman returns to Sonoma County in order to re-live an important encounter.


Director Bio

The Moonhills are filmmakers and theater artists working with the fundamental questions of being: What does it mean to exist? What should I do with my time on earth? They strive to tackle these heavy questions with a light touch and wild imagination. Their work has been presented by DUST, The Contemporary Art Center, the New Orleans Museum of Art, and Prospect 1. Currently, they are in post-production on a short film, This World and The Next, and an absurdist music video, PARADE. Ben Gansky conceives and operates projects that vivify the intersection of emerging technologies, politics, and culture. Gansky is the director of Free Machine, a nonprofit developing creative programs to shape a high-tech future that is equitable, sustainable, and abundant.

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These shorts will find a home in the most bizarre and provocative areas of your mind as they…

Dates & Times


TCL Chinese 6 Theatres

Wed, Jul 24
9:45 pm