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Directed by Noah Causey

Cast: Brendan O'Leary, Noah Causey, Ryan Gilmer

Competing narratives unfold about a young gay man: the one he was promised through the hetero-media against the truly shocking interaction he has on Grindr.


Director Bio

Noah Causey is a new resident here in Los Angeles. Raised by a pastor in a small town in Georgia, Causey has had quite the unique gay experience. Through this project, he hopes to offer that experience he has yet to fully see represented for others like him to witness. Causey has tirelessly trained at the Guthrie Theatre for the past four years in one of the most prestigious BFA acting programs in the country, and has completed a Creative Writing minor from the University of Minnesota. With this training, he fights to tell the stories within him in an accessible and honest way. Causey has a deep passion for the art of film and hopes to share that through many vessels in his lifetime.

Plays in


Love, sex, desire, religion, and how these things construct or deconstruct us are themes that run through this year’s showcase.

Dates & Times


MOCA Grand

Sat, Jul 20
6:00 pm