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Directed by Tristan Scott-Behrends

Once upon a time he had an open heart but men are trash and dating is hard and some days you just want to suck cock!


Director Bio

After growing up in a shithole located smack dab in the middle of extreme wealth and beauty, the now long-time Los Angeles resident has been loosely and mostly aspirationally working in the film industry for the past decade. He has worked as an actor, producer, writer, director, wardrobe stylist and waitress, appearing in feature films such as Electric Slide and Pester. His film Curtain Down, which he wrote and starred in, was a great success on the film festival circuit and made its online premiere on Paper Magazine. His music video work has appeared on Dazed, Interview and Ladygunn. His previous short film, Only Trumpets, made its world premiere at Outfest 2018. He is currently seeking financing for his first feature film and is open to being asked out on lovely dates.

Plays in


Love, sex, desire, religion, and how these things construct or deconstruct us are themes that run through this year’s showcase.

Dates & Times


MOCA Grand

Sat, Jul 20
6:00 pm