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The women in this year’s collection of effervescent shorts know how to take chances against all odds. Whether it’s finally telling someone how you feel, standing up and overcoming preconceived notions, taking the first step to connect with someone new, or learning to accept life-altering news with the help of your partner, our heroes plunge into new territory in exciting and moving ways. Lace up your roller-skates, pick your favorite karaoke song, practice your party tricks, and brush up on those old dance moves — tonight we celebrate!

In this program


Directed by Abena Taylor-Smith

Amma’s day at the salon is full of sheen spray, gossip, and laughter, but how will she deal with the casual homophobia?


Directed by Ingrid Marie Røine

A photographer seeks comfort from her girlfriend as she comes to terms with a disease that threatens her art.


Directed by Fawzia Mirza

In the afterglow of a seemingly fated hookup, two women realize that perhaps they have a little too much in common.


Directed by Solène Guichard

Two sisters must come to terms with their new relationship when they prepare to sell their childhood home.


Directed by Carly Usdin

A chance encounter teaches Cam — a college freshman with a big, gay crush on her roommate — to open her heart to magical possibilities.


Directed by Drew Denny

Amanda Plummer and Brianna Hildebrand are a bank-robbing mother and roller-skating daughter who finally reunite in the ultimate heist.


Directed by Simone Lyles

In 1982, Kora’s self-help conversion tapes only seem to push her closer to the truth about her feelings for her best friend Gina.


Directed by Vilde Moberg

Two strangers let loose and break free over an impromptu karaoke performance.


Directed by Bane Fakih

Mayssa is looking for a sexual release to cure her recent depression, but luck — and her mother — are not on her side.

Dates & Times


TCL Chinese 6 Theatres

Fri, Jul 26
9:30 pm

TCL Chinese 6 Theatres

Sat, Jul 27
6:00 pm