These female-centric stories focus on the longing, heartache, and lust that so often entangle themselves when it comes to intimacy. From throuples to flirty friendships to the politics of casual f*ckbuddies, navigating queer female relationships can be tricky. What happens when you’re attracted to someone impossibly not your type, or when a roommate situation blooms into romance? The characters in these shorts don’t have all the answers, but they’re willing to put their hearts, and occasionally their bodies, on the line.

All-Girl Friday After-Party, Teddy’s @ Roosevelt Hotel, 8pm – 1am

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Directed by Chrissie De Guzman

Hungover from a bad breakup, a not-so-great stripper makes a house call to a progressive married couple, upending everything she thought she knew about love.


Directed by Raechel Zarzynski

Elsie and Frankie feel their way from roommate to romance, out of order and out of their respective comfort zones.


Directed by Robin Entreinger

When Chloé arrives in Tokyo to interview Claire about her practice of the erotic art Shibari, she gets tied up, literally and figuratively, in attraction.


Directed by Cate Smierciak

Shelby and her best friend Jess spend one last afternoon together. In a stolen moment at Shelby’s going-away party, they acknowledge something more between them.


Directed by Ina Espiritu

Maine can’t admit to best friend/f*ck buddy Raven that she is in love with her. A queer almost-love story.


Directed by Steve Shwartz

In the near future, dating apps guarantee a perfect match. Yet for Sam and Riley, their perfect match isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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Mon, Jul 22
9:30 pm

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5:00 pm