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Directed by Lisa Zi Xiang

Cast: Na Renhua, Zhenyuan Chen, Yinyue Zhang, Xing Ming, Xilu Wang, Thomas Fiquet, Renyuan Wu, Fuzhu Li, Bing Jiang, Nan Ji

In this remarkable feature debut, a Teddy Jury Award winner at the Berlinale, decades of secrets and resentment wreak havoc on a Chinese family. Upon returning home to her parents, expectant mother Huang Xiaoyu is immediately embroiled in their ongoing feud, triggered by her father’s gay affairs and her fire-breathing mother’s entry into a predatory cult. Shifting nimbly between past and present, director Lisa Zi Xiang unflinchingly dissects the societally mandated repression that passes unhappiness down through each generation.


Director Bio

Xiang Zi is a Chinese film director and screenwriter. She began her career in filmmaking in her senior year when studying Economics at Beijing Forestry University. Before shooting her first feature A Dog Barking at the Moon, she studied filmmaking in New York and worked as a camera assistant, DIT and teaching assistant in Los Angeles.

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TCL Chinese 6 Theatres

Wed, Jul 24
5:00 pm