Directed by Leila Jarman, Peter Kalisch

Cast: Peter Kalisch, Fausto Renteria, Jaake Castro, Byron Scott Adams

Disquieting and discomforting step into the queer noise world of the captivating and crushingly honest Peter Kalisch.


Director Bio

Peter Kalisch is a performance artist and noise musician based in Los Angeles. Kalisch’s work strives to shine light on postmodern conditions leading to interpersonal disconnections. Kalisch’s body of work is an attempt at self-awareness and an encouragement to others to remove themselves from patterns of self-victimization. Kalisch was born in Escondido, California, in 1995 and received a BFA from Otis College of Art and Design in 2018. Kalisch has performed for Queer Biennial, the Broad Museum, the Getty Museum, Re:art show, as well as a variety of underground warehouse and nightlife venues.

Leila Jarman is an Iranian-Brazilian-American award-winning filmmaker, producer, and multimedia artist and women’s rights activist. Her works have shown at film festivals and in galleries and museums worldwide. Voice of the Valley, her 2009 documentary directorial debut, followed the professional careers of two self-made Muslim women journalists and their struggle to overcome social and cultural barriers to produce the only women-run social, political, and economic radio program in Jordan. Since completing Voice of the Valley, Jarman has worked on social impact documentary films, music videos, and narrative works in a producing and directorial capacity.



Directed by Vishnu Dass

Angelica Huston narrates this exploration of the spectacularly surreal world of Salvador Dali’s protégé, Steven Arnold, and his strikingly creative and influential body of work.

Dates & Times
MOCA Grand

Sun, Jul 21
6:45 pm