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Directed by Chateau Bezerra

Cast: Angelina Capozzoli, Regan James, Lucy Boryer, Paul Walling, Caige Coulter, Henry Kemp

When Gracie, a young Fundamentalist Christian, meets Heidi, an agnostic lesbian driving back from her mother’s funeral, Gracie must find a new approach to soul-saving.


Director Bio

Chateaubriand Bezerra is a Mexican-Brazilian filmmaker, raised in Senegal, Taiwan and the USA, the last from which he was almost deported due to a clerical government error. After surviving a tragic hot-air ballon accident in Turkey, Bezerra decided to leave his former advertising career to pursue his life-long passion, filmmaking. He has graduated with an MFA from the USC School of Cinematic Arts and currently resides in Los Angeles.

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The characters across these faith-based shorts combine courage with religious practice, whether channeling spiritual guidance or pushing back…

Dates & Times


TCL Chinese 6 Theatres

Thu, Jul 25
5:00 pm