Directed by Hallfridur Thora Tryggvadottir, Vala Omarsdottir

Cast: Hlynur Finnbogason, Elva Osk Olafsdottir, Kristbjorg Kjeld, Maria Thelma Smaradottir, Snaefridur Ingvarsdottir

Svanur searches for the freedom to be themself, in the big city and in the rural countryside at home with their grandmother.


Director Bio

Hallfridur Thora Tryggvadottir is a New York–based director and producer. Originally from Iceland, Tryggvadottir has led numerous international film and theatre productions. Tryggvadottir graduated with an MFA in Theatre from Columbia University in 2019 and works at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Tryggvadottir co-founded GERVI Productions to support increased diversity in film. Vala Omarsdottir is a director and writer from Reykjavik, Iceland. Omarsdottir is the co-founder of GERVI Productions and co-artistic director of the art collective Vinnslan. Omarsdottir studied film directing and screenwriting at The Icelandic Film School, and holds two master’s degrees in performance directing from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Goldsmiths.

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Sat, Jul 27
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