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Directed by Matthew Takata Shepherd, Naomi Takata Shepherd

Cast: Matthew Takata Shepherd, Erin Chastain, Janelle Ludowise

Vioulet falls through time and space as they struggle with a dark presence through song and dance in this exploration of duality.


Director Bio

Matthew and Naomi are siblings and co-directed In the Fog/神隠し (Kamikakushi) together. Matthew is a queer half-Japanese artist born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently living in Portland, Oregon. They live to make art and love to work with all mediums but recently have focused on making music and videos. Naomi is a mixed Japanese-American filmmaker who is passionate about creating work that focuses on intersectional and inclusive narratives. Naomi is a writer and artist living in Alameda, California, where she owns a small business named 6 Degrees of Hapa.



Directed by JB Ghuman Jr.

A visually luscious piece of multidimensional storytelling, at once an onslaught of pop culture and queer aesthetics, and a meditation on self-creation.

Dates & Times


MOCA Grand

Sun, Jul 21
4:30 pm