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Directed by Maxwell Addae

During a traditional Ghanian baptism ceremony, Kobby attempts to steal some of the monetary presents for his escape out of Los Angeles with his boyfriend.


Director Bio

With a love of cinema’s more idiosyncratic directing auteurs, Maxwell Addae has strived to express himself as purely as possible, most notably by merging the vulnerably personal with genre flourishes. Through combining the exploration of his queer identity with his background as a child of Ghanaian immigrants, Addae has created several personal short film projects. His time at the American Film Institute and his work as a performance artist have helped inform his more recent work. He is based in Los Angeles.

Plays in


The characters across these faith-based shorts combine courage with religious practice, whether channeling spiritual guidance or pushing back…

Dates & Times


TCL Chinese 6 Theatres

Thu, Jul 25
5:00 pm