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Directed by Marion Renard

Cast: Manon Delauvaux, Félix Matagne, Nora Dolmans

During her first sexual experience, a teenage girl discovers she possesses a uncommon skill.


Director Bio

Raised in a family of musicians and cinema lovers, Marion Renard developed early a taste for genre cinema and B-movies. In France, she studied literature and cinema, before integrating INSAS school in Brussels, Belgium, where she lives now. Her project — radio or film, fiction or documentary — vary in tone but are always highly colorful and still retain a carnal dimension, a kind of poetry into obscenity, a bit of black humor, and a game on the codes of cinematographic genres. Her greatest inspirations are John Waters, Gregg Araki, David Lynch, Tim Burton, David Cronenberg, and Xavier Dolan.

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These shorts will find a home in the most bizarre and provocative areas of your mind as they…

Dates & Times


TCL Chinese 6 Theatres

Wed, Jul 24
9:45 pm