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Directed by Barbara Hammer

Over the course of dozens of deeply personal shorts and several feature-length films, pioneering filmmaker Barbara Hammer (1939–2019) explored the politics and poetics of lesbian relationships and the revolutionary aesthetic possibilities of cinema. Outfest is proud to commemorate Hammer’s influence on queer expression with this autobiographical second installment in her filmic trilogy, documenting her family life, youth, and coming out. Through humor and introspection, Hammer attempts to rectify the glaring absence of lesbians among the artistic canon by dictating her own life story.

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Directed by Deborah Stratman

In this meditation on unfinished works and the creative process, Deborah Stratment resuscitates abandoned footage shot in Guatemala by Barbara Hammer, invoking Maya Deren and Haitian Voudon imagery.

Dates & Times


MOCA Grand

Sun, Jul 21
12:00 pm