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Directed by Simone Lyles

Cast: Christina Childress, Maxine Goynes, Hugo Pierre Martin, Edem Atsu-Swanzy

In 1982, Kora’s self-help conversion tapes only seem to push her closer to the truth about her feelings for her best friend Gina.


Director Bio

Simone Lyles was born and raised in the Bay Area and currently resides in San Francisco. She is a writer-director-producer. Her utmost intention is to create spaces that allow underrepresented people to possess multi-dimensional identities and to explore how those identities play into the intersections of our society at large. While attending UCLA as an MFA Writer-Director she was awarded the GOFP Fellowship (2016), Motion Picture Association of America Award (2017/2018), and the NAACP/NBCUniversal Television Fellowship (2018).

Plays in


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Dates & Times


TCL Chinese 6 Theatres

Fri, Jul 26
9:30 pm

TCL Chinese 6 Theatres

Sat, Jul 27
6:00 pm